** Single piece **

A poetic urn, to carry over time the memories of our dear animal companion. Whether it was the old collar tag, or a small bone found, this little container of memories will forever cradle an important part of your life.
The idea was born while I was creating these coffin-shaped boxes, thinking of one of my dogs, Zeus (a very "peace and love" chow-chow), who now lies under the cherry tree in the garden where he loved to get bored, especially on bright spring days.
The thought of having his memory next to me, just like his medal, in a worthy souvenir box.
Also useful as a door (small) stones and crystals for therapy or other memories related to your heart.
Dedicated to those who exorcise death, with deep respect.

- Mini coffin in ceramic powder.
- Measurement: 9cm x 5cm x3cm.
- Produced and colored entirely by hand, inside padding in red chenille at the bottom.
- Each memorabilia coffin is signed. If you would like a small dedication to be printed on the bottom, please let me know at the time of purchase; I will be happy to satisfy you.

In the photo, for illustrative purposes, the memorabilia coffin contains:
Fox bones, from the forests of Sweden.
Stones from the United States.
"In The Silence of a Bittersweet Hope" bronze necklace, sold out. Silver version: available here.


The mini Coffin Portaricordi is made entirely by hand.
This means that each of the coffins has unique features and details of its kind. You will adopt an original piece not "mass-printed", like every Illusorya creation.

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